Android App, not ringing

We have been using Nextcloud in our company for over a year, and we are thrilled.

Talk is also in daily use here with 25 users.

Now we also wanted to run the calls via Talk in the future, unfortunately it somehow fails with the clients on mobile devices.

For testing, I have a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and a Galaxy A40.

If the app is open, or was open a few minutes ago, then everything works as it should. When the recipient is called, the phone rings.
But if the app has not been open for 1-2 hours, then the phone does not ring.

I have enabled background activity for the app and disabled the “optimize battery usage” feature, just to see if there is the problem.
But still with the same result.

The apps were installed via the Google Play store.
Android App version: 13.0.0 (installed via google play store)
NC Version: 23.0.2
Talk Version: 13.0.3
Notifications Version: 2.11.1

Looking at the reviews in the Google Play store, it seems to be a general issue. Is this effectively so, or can something be misconfigured by us?

As long as the conversation is opened on another device (like in your browser on the pc) it’s not ringing, maybe this could be the issue?

Thank you for your reply, but no, that’s not the issue.

I just noticed something, which could be important for this issue.
When I write a text message, the notification does work, even if the app wasn’t in use for some hours. And if I first write a text message to get a notification on the phone and try then to call, it does work as expected.

So, it does look like, the text-notification will get the app out of a standby mode, which the app never should be to receiving calls.

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I have exactly the same problem.
I use debian OS with apache2 server, nextcloud server 24 and nextcloud talk 14.
My coturn server is set correctly and test is OK
I just tested your solution to send a text message before call and it works too.

Do you find a solution since your last message please ?

I have the sane problem. Is there a solution by now?

Same issue here on both Nextcloud Talk iOS and Android.
In iOS, under “Diagnostics”, it states

Push notifications
Never subscribed.

However, in settings, Nextcloud Talk is allowed to send notifications.

In Nextcloud Talk Android, there is no such option or Diagnostics. I do notice there is a “Proxy” option (my Nextcloud installation is sitting behind an Apache reverse proxy. Should I mess in there?

Please check talk-ios/ at master · nextcloud/talk-ios · GitHub
(There’s also one for android in the android repo)

Thank you, this helped for iOS.

Android somehow fixed itself a day or two later.