Android app: no thumbnails in "Media" view

In the “Media” view on the Android app, thumbnails are not generated properly for some reason, has anybody else also experienced this problem? Weirdly enough, when browsing using the file view the thumbnails are generated, and when I then go back to the Media view, I do see the thumbnails appearing!
I’m using the latest stable version of the server, and the latest Android app version. I already tried restarting the app, clearing the cache etc, nothing seems to help except opening the folder in file view. I’m pretty sure this is not the intended behaviour :slight_smile:


I’m also having the same problem

I do not have the problem. Maybe you can create a 60 minutes account at (password: demo) with the servername or . Same problem or not?

Hi, I tried with the demo server and I still have this issue
What I did is login, go to the media section in the app and I correctly see the preview of the stock images. Then I uploaded some of the pictures that I had on the smartphone, after the upload I went directly in the media section and there was no preview of my pictures, only the stock ones. I waited some minutes and still nothing, closed and opened the app again but still nothing

I don’t know why but the screenshot won’t load on the website, so here is a link to it Whats-App-Image-2022-06-15-at-15-32-53 — ImgBB

I have the same problem, like this as well: Whats-App-Image-2022-06-15-at-15-32-53 — ImgBB

Does anyone know if using the Preview Generator app mitigates the issue? GitHub - nextcloud/previewgenerator: Nextcloud app to do preview generation

Same thing, v3.21.0
In my case the app stopped asking for preview generation somewhere in June, so all new photos have thumbnail placeholder picture.
I’ve got 60G+ 6k+ of media

Tip: Assigning media folder (through three dots menu) could fix this, at least that did for me

Any news on this? I’m having the same problem for a long. Latest android stable app and latest snap package for server. No thumbnails in media, until I browse through file folders

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I am a relatively new Nextcloud admin/user, and I have this problem as well. Nextcloud 24.0.6 running on an Ubuntu server 22.04 VM. I have installed Preview Generator 5.1.0 and ran the preview:generate-all command for the initial preview generation. I have the preview:pre-generate command configured in crontab to run once per hour.

I take a new photo on my Android phone, and it is correctly auto uploaded to my Nextcloud server. Then open the Nextcloud Android app version 3.21.2 and go to Media. The new photo has the thumbnail placeholder icon instead of an actual thumbnail. Clicking on the placeholder shows me the correct image. Then go to All Files and I navigate to the folder with my uploaded photos. The thumbnail of the new photo is generated and shows here. Then go back to Media, and the new photo thumbnail shows up as expected.

Perhaps this bug is open here: no previews generated/shown for local images · Issue #10389 · nextcloud/android · GitHub