Android App login pattern keeps popping up since app update

Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this.
Since this morning the app won’t open. Normally I have to draw a pattern, or fingerprint to open but since this morning login in this way keeps popping up the same screen again. Not working now.
This is a problem to me, because now I can not have access to my files on the road.

Do more people have this issue?
Do I have to remove the app and reinstall it?

Yes, one of my phones started doing the same and even after clearing data plus uninstalling then reinstalling, on setting it up again the same started happening.

Ah, seems they may have just pushed out an update: Nextcloud 3.9.2 for Android is out! Plus tips about markdown preview and calendar integration

Ok, thank you. I did not notice this issue on github.
Now I wait for the update.