Android app intended functionaly when uploading images? - move to nextcloud folder

I am looking for information on the intended functionality when auto-uploading images from the Android app.
When I go to settings/automatic upload and then press configure on one of the folders suggested by the app (e.g. camera) the is an option that reads “The original file will be…” and then I can choose from three options. The first one is “kept in its original folder”, the second “moved to Nextcloud-folder” and the third “deleted”. I am struggling to understand what the second option does/is supposed to do. I would have thought that it would move, i.e. copy and then erase the file on the phone, but it does not. That is however accomplished by the third option.

I have no solution, but I just want to say that I was going to ask almost the same question and the fact that there is no reply to your question means there is no point me repeating the question. This is very disappointing.

To anyone, is there any chance there is a YouTube video demonstrating and explaining the actual effect of various NC android app sync options?