Android App for Nextcloud Tasks

Does anyone know Android Task/ToDo Apps that can sync with Nextcloud Tasks and support recurring tasks?

I’m looking for something like OpenTasks, but with support for recurrences (it must not mandatorily be a free app).

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I wrote an mail with the developer of the Opentasks App. They work already on it.

davdroid? @

While OpenTasks are required for providing the tasks, and DavDroid (or something else) is required to sync them, aCalendar+ is a client app that utilizes that and handles tasks well, including recurrence. It can display them on a calendar (which is what I like to see, for example).

This is an old thread but the situation is still the same. For anyone googling, the Tasks app on F-Droid looks and works fantastic, and supports recurrence. It is actively developed. If all you need to sync is Tasks (not calendars), this will do the trick.

This one is not supported by DAV5x/Davdroid, you need OpenTasks for that (which I believe still does not support recurrence).

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I had no problems connecting tasks app from f-droid to my self hosted nextcloud, works perfectly! in the add account option choose caldav and then enter your nextcloud credentials and url, i just entered the basic url and the app found the tasks by itself. This just got me one step closer to data privacy :+1:

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OpenTask is an excellent Android app along with DAVx for synchronizing.

A noticeable disadvantage for me: Subtasks are not synchronized as subtasks in OpenTask, but only sorted alphabetically as main tasks. That is a pity. This topic has been known for a long time, but is not a priority in the processing.