Android app doesn't open or crashes right away

Mobile app doesn’t open, already tried to clear cache and stuff.
If I clear cache and imediatly open app it shows the files an freezes right away but if I close it and open without cleanin chache it just shows the nextcloud logo.
Occasionally I also get the nextcloud app has crashed popup.
App version 3.16.1
Phone : Samsung Galaxy s10+ Android 11
Server: 21.0.3

I’ve now searched the logs trough logcat and I have two prominent errors/warnings:
Error - E NotificationService: Package enqueue rate is 6.4483633. Shedding 0|com.nextcloud.client|411|null|10593. package=com.nextcloud.client

Warning - ActivityManager: Foreground service started from background can not have location/camera/microphone access: service com.nextcloud.client/