Android App - Can I change the file location?


is it possible to change the file location for the Android app?

For example to /storage/emulated/0/Nextcloud ??


No, not at this time but I hope in the near future.

and many other (duplicated) issues.

So it works with the ownCloud App?

Downloaded pictures are shown up in other Apps then?

@guddl it works with ownCloud in the way that they don’t support SD cards, so you can’t choose any location but images show up in other applications. Like mentioned before, this will be supported (again) in the future when we support any kind of freely chosen location. Right now the data storage will be protected from media scans thus files within the app won’t be published to other applications. This is by design and has been a requirement. Like you we now have basically both requirement, make public and protect so this is a feature we will add in the future to be able to choose a protected location and an unprotected location.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

My phone has no SD card so … I will give the ownCloud APP a try.
I hope this is okay for you @Andy :wink:

@guddl oh absolutely… hope we can get this fixed soon though so you don’t have to rely on the oC app :wink: