Android App Camera Auto upload

Please help, this is my first post and not sure if I have it in the right category etc. I used to be an Owncloud user and switched because all I ever heard was how much better Nextcloud was. So, I have a few questions. I sure hope someone can make sense of the way I’m trying to explain this. I’m using a Samsung s10, Android v10 with Nextcloud v3.10.1
If you have pics or videos on auto upload with the picture to remain in original folder you get two copies, one in the device camera folder and one in the Nextcloud upload folder on the server. It does not sync to that original picture or video in the original camera folder. If you sync or download it, Nextcloud creates a new file in the Nextcloud folder on the phone and links those. You now have three copies. So, if you “delete local copy” it deletes it out of the Nextcloud folder on the phone, leaving a copy on the server and a remaining original copy in the device camera folder. So, you have two copies, not linked/sync’d and it could get confusing. Owncloud never did that. It would just link itself to the original file wherever you wanted it to go, and the main folder on the phone, was at the top of the system named example Owncloud\Camera\Pictures So, if you ever “deleted local only” it would remove it from the phone and leave it on the server. And if you ever downloaded it again it would put it back it the same folder where it was on the phone.
On Nextcloud, if you configure auto upload to move the file to the Nextcloud app folder, it will sync the picture from the server to Nextcloud folder on the phone and that will be the only copy on the device so when you delete local copy it wipes it off the phone only. However, because the pics or videos are not in the original camera folder, they will not show in the phone gallery app. So that’s still not perfect, but better. The other thing, is the Nextcloud folder is filed very deep in the system…takes a lot of digging to get to it. I haven’t found a way to create your own folder or pathway, they just give you 4 options which are all very long and deep.
Now, so fine and dandy, have Nextcloud move the file to its app folder, as it will link the pictures/videos there. However, once photos or other docs are transferred into the Nextcloud app folders, you cannot select multiple files to send through email or text. Unless of course they are on your phone and you dig through the mess of trees to get at them. And In fact, the email or SMS app can not look at or find the Nextcloud folders. There must be a way to change this???


any answer to this issue?

In my case, pictures and videos show up in the Android gallery app – but I can’t find a way to trigger the media scanner, so it usually takes several hours for them to show up… The only way I know is to restart my phone :confused:

Edit: I’m using LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10) so I guess at least my problem has something to do with this…