Android App: Automatic picture UPLOAD not SYNC

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I want to back up the photos on my Android phone. I therefore use the automatic upload feature in the Nextcloud app. However, I have now noticed that the destination folder is automatically synced by the app. I.e. I now have all the photos duplicated on my phone. Once in the camera folder and once in the sync folder of the Nextcloud app. How can I change this behavior. I would like to have the photos only in the camera folder.

This is a known issue and has already been discussed multiple times here in the forums… Android app taking up over 20GB - #6 by bb77


Me and none of my users are facing this issue. Auto upload only uploads, it will not download unless you sycn or in case, by chance there is a conflict and user ends up selecting “keep server” side file.


That will force the app to start downloading from server.

Clicking cancel here will skip this replacing process.

I have created a feature request to make this action more user friendly to give us a clear option to “DO NOTHING” it there is a conflict and leave this as they are at both end.

Refer here → Need Option “Do Nothing / Skip” for upload conflict along with Apply to All option · Issue #10992 · nextcloud/android (



I saw the thread you linked. But the solution links to Delete original file after auto upload doesn't work anymore / re-uploading · Issue #10885 · nextcloud/android · GitHub which seems to be a bug which occurs when moving a file:

  1. Create a file (e.g. shoot a photo) in a folder that has Auto Upload and "Delete Original File" checked.
  2. File is auto-uploaded but NOT deleted on Android device
  3. Move file out of designated auto upload target folder in Nextcloud account
  4. File gets uploaded again ...

I do not move any files. I just don’t want any uploaded files duplicated in my Nextcloud app folder.

Yes but as far as I understand it, multiple issues regarding the Autoupload feature are related and they all should be fixed with the up-coming release of the app. See for example this issue, which is referenced in the issue I linked in my previous post.

Good for you… :wink:

Again, good for you… But multiple users, including my self do face this exact issue. The Nextcloud app automatically downloads / syncs every file that was uploaded via the Autoupload feature, which then leads to duplicate files on the phone.

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