Android app 3.28.0 downloading everything on sync again and again

I use Nextcloud v; it was a short while ago and the same.
I made a test with a ~6GB share. Syncing with client 3.26.0 takes about 15 seconds (on an older tablet with much less power); using client 3.28.0, same share, takes ~17 minutes and re-downloads everything.
This is making sync effectively unusable. The alternative, browsing the entire tree manually, also is quite a bit of work, especially since folders don’t indicate if they are in sync or not. The app is broken like this.

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Same for me + after every resync and redownload, it uses the space on my phone again. I sync a folder with 139MB three times, in the datamanager it shows 139MB (on the folder) but on the sd-storage-info it shows 450MB used.
I tryed to uninstall nextcloud-android-app, format the sdcard and retry it, same…
And iam not albe to free the used extra space becaus its not shown anywhere, only formating helpt…
PLS help!

That had me worried, so I checked that. I can’t confirm that in my case. The space usage on the card is consistent with the share size. So it might be a different issue, or an additional one.
Anyways, it’s rather hard to use space without being visible. You might want to check the SD card and (assuming you use Windows for that) switch on hidden and system files in Explorer or use a tool like WizTree. Or a Linux VM.

I tryed that all, checked with windows (hidden files), with linux, with adb-tools, nothing on the sd card but still using the space, even after uninstalling nextcloud and deleting everything i can see on the sd card
I dont think its the sd card itself, because if i put data on it with other ways its ok
I use a Huawei P30 Pro if this info is necessary and i can post screenshots if needed

Is there still no solution to everything re-downloading in sync, android NextCloud V3.28.0