Android App 3.23.0 Video Streaming Breaks After NC 23.0.11 Upgrade To NC 23.0.12(RESOLVED - NC Not The Root Cause)

NC Build Stack

Version: 22.0.12
LEMP(Ubuntu 20.04 / Nginx 1.20.2 / MariaDB 10.3.38 / PHP 7.4.3)


Just upgraded today to NC 23.0.12 from 23.0.11 and then began experiencing the following message box on the Android app:

“This media file cannot be streamed”


Using FireFox on Android gets audio with a black screen.

App Test

Andriod App(3.23.0) on Android 11(RZBS31.Q2-143-27-20): worked fine on 23.0.11, breaks on 23.0.12
iOS App( on iOS(15.6.1): issue not found on 23.0.11, nor on 23.0.12

Browser Test

FireFox(107.2.0) on Android 11(RZBS31.Q2-143-27-20): issue not found on 23.0.11, breaks on 23.0.12 with only audio and a black screen
FireFox(107.0) on Ubuntu (20.04): issue not found on 23.0.11, nor on 23.0.12
Chromium(108.0.5359.94) on Ubuntu(20.04): issue not found on 23.0.11, nor on 23.0.12
Safari on iPad(15.6.1): issue not found on 23.0.11, nor 23.0.12

So far, this all seams to point to a video streaming issue solely on the Android version of the mobile app. Anyone else experiencing the same issue on the Android App?

If not, could you fill us in on the version of Android you are using.
Thank you for your time!

False Alarm :blush:

It appears that the cell phone(Motorola G Power 2021) is unable to process a large 300MB+ .mp4 file within the NC App, much smaller videos can be played with no issue. Same case with the cell phone browsers, however, sometimes it would play taking longer to load than usual and often stalled.

The cell phone in question received an update Nov 4th, 2022, and most likely has not been tested for video playback against large files since. In any case, it seems as though that the Nov 4th update reduced the Motorola G Power(2021)'s ability to playback large media files, be it via browsers or the NC droid app.

Hope this helps someone else understand their video playback issues with phones running the 2020 Snapdragon 662 processor, which shouldn’t have such video playback issues. I presume the phone’s Nov 4th Android update did something to the phone weakening its ability to play large video files. Prior to the update it was just fine.

As for the music player, that never came up as an issue. :slightly_smiling_face: