Android 3.27.0 no preview pictures or video since (recent) update

Nextcloud Android 3.27.0
Nextcloud 27.1.3 server on Centos 7.9
I’ve been searching the forums and can’t find this issue so I presume I’ve messed up something myself.

If you don’t mind suggesting some things to check to figure out what’s wrong, it would be appreciated.

Since about a month, I have only a square with two triangles that are supposed to look like mountains when I go to the Media Photos & video in the Android app.

Prior to December the pictures are still shown in the app. But all photos after that are this square placeholder.

When I click on the square placeholder, I see the photo or video. When I go back to the main page in the app, the placeholder isn’t updated to a preview.

In the webpage on Nextcloud server, all the photos are there with a preview.

I have both Photo and Memories installed on the Cloud.

To further test, I installed NextCloud App onto a Samsung tablet. It works fine there.

I’m not sure why the phone with Android 13 doesn’t show the preview images. :frowning:

I will further test and tweek and see if I can find a solution.