Android 12: Push notifications currently not available

I upgraded to a Pixel 6 phone with Android 12. I installed the Nextcloud Android App version version 3.20.1 from the Google Play Store.

My nextcloud is version 22.2.7.

When going into the “Notifications” screen on the Android App, i get the following message at the bottom “Push notifications currently not available.”

However, notifications appear in the Nextcloud “notifications” section, but do not appear on my Android device status section, nor in the Android notifications section.

Push notifications work on other devices, such as Chrome and other android devices. I have confirmed that the Nextcloud App has the correct Android Permissions.

Any thoughts?


More information:

Another user, same Nextcloud instance, same make and model of phone (different physical phone) it works.

Non-working user: New Phone, Slightly different model - still doesn’t work.

Could there be some issue with the non-working user’s Nextcloud profile?

Add’l Info: does not work on the non-working user’s phone.

The push notifications you are trying to make use of involve routing messages through a google account that is registered on that device. If google push notifications are disabled on the device, or it is not associated with a google account, then those messages will not be delivered.

In my opinion, it is a bad thing to have any messages routed through google, since (a) it unjustifiably leaks some details to google, and (b) it depends unnecessarily on google infrastructure, and (c) it depends on google binary-only services being installed on your hardware.

See this for push notifications for Nextcloud that does NOT depend on Google. The Talk application will still say its not available, but they’ll work through the attached notifier application;

Thanks for the reply.

I understand your reply. I am confused, however, because the only change I have is the hardware is new - same google account signed in, same everything. And the push notifications used to work on the old Hardware.

I will look into the Nextcloud-Push.


Changing the hardware could imply a different balance in the software. Especially when it comes to radical changes to the software like a newer version of Android. Presumably, the new hardware has a newer version of Android, which also puts in more restrictions on battery usage.