Android 1.0.1 released

Hi everybody!

I am happy to announce the Hotfix release 1.0.1 :ship:
which is already available on the Google Play Store:

and should become available on f-droid within the next 24 hours (time it takes f-droid to pick up a new release).

Greetings, fame, hugs and a big thank you goes out to @tobiasKaminsky, @przybylski and @LukasReschke


  • Fix thumbnail preview support for new files (#37)
  • Add support for animated GIFs (#9)
  • Optimized uploader layout (#5)

In case you might want to peak in to releases in the near future:
This is not a complete big picture, but small steps we are taking to get the features we already build out to you all and then start working on new stuff suggested by the community.

EDIT: All the things we already implemented have been requested by the community at some point, so we are simply doing a house cleaning first :slight_smile:

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