Andoird APP requiers pin

Hi all, could please let me someone know what pin is the andorid client asking for? I tried my device pin but this does not work. I searched the net - > result nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on andorid 8 but before im finishing my login the app is asking for a pin . thanks for support jan

I have same issue, requiere pin or fingerprint and this is cycled

The same here. But legitimation with a finger print reader was working good until I updated to Android App 3.3.0. With this version the black pin request replaced the formerly blue finger print dialog. Although there’s still a finger print symbol it doesn’t work anymore (“Wrong credentials” if translated to english). Only the system PIN is working when entered digit by digit.
Why doesn’t finger printing work anymore? The smartphone itself is working perfectly with both, the PIN and the finger print reading.
BQ Aquaris pro, Android 8.1