Analytics v2.3.0: filters, drill-downs &

Dear all,

I want to announce another update for the Analytics app.
The main new feature is the filter & drill-down.

  • for reports based on internaly stored data
  • filter columns with >, <, =, like, contains
  • change drilldown/aggregation of columns

a little showcase can be found here

Any other news from the previous updates ?

  • name shortened from “Data Analytics” to “Analytics”
  • report print layout
  • doughnut charts
  • better integration of notifications & thresholds
  • charts can be customised with advanced options
  • NC19 ready

whats next?

  • persisting filters per reports for the next access
  • share reports based on filters (e.g. publish a subset of your dataset to your customer)
  • more chart options like secondary axis
  • more datasource types like OnlyOffice files
  • share report customization (e.g. customer logo)

Hello there,
I really like Analytics, you doing great job :+1:.
Is there a way to filter the data like, show me only the last month or - x month/days etc.
A filter method like this would be very nice to have.

Hello @Dhizeg

yes, this is definitely planned. will think about how to make this in a usable way because the time values could be different.

its on the backlog already