Analogue "occ groupfolders:permissions <folder_id>" for show subfolders in the REST API

Hi, ALL!

We have a folder structure:


I run the command for root-folder with folder_id=14 :
php occ groupfolders:permissions 14

We get an answer:

How can I get such information through the REST-API?

For example…
Something like this…

curl -X GET -H "OCS-APIRequest: true" ""

All of the supported REST API calls for groupfolders are in the README:

Yes, thank You!
I have studied this page.
But did not get the desired result.
There are only 2 GET requests, but they do not return the required information.

Coming to the conclusion that the set of commands cli occ groupfolders...... does not correspond to rest api commands.

If I’m careless. :slight_smile:
I want the community to confirm or deny this to me. :slight_smile: