An error has occurred while opening the file

Hello I am a noob and cannot solve this problem myself.

NextCloud is installed on TrueNas as a plugin and works correctly. OnlyOfficeServer runs in an UbuntuDesktop virtual machine (the server is installed via Ubuntu onboard storage) in TrueNas.

OnlyOffice is not working correctly. All new documents, except Excel, open with an error. The Excel document itself works fine, but when saving a new version, a save error crashes.

1 — ImgBB 2 — ImgBB

New docx and pptx documents are not saved or launched. The .docx document located during the NextCloud installation works fine by default, editable and saved.

5 — ImgBB

Also, when establishing a connection to the server (after clicking the SAVE button), 2 such errors fly out, but when you click “Settings have been successfully updated” again.

Please help to find out the cause and eliminate it. I have no idea where to look for the error and how to fix it.

Sorry for google translate.