Amazon S3 bucket as primary storage

Im currently trying to connect an Amazon S3 bucket as primary storage to my Nextcloud, have some questions and didnt find any topics answerting those questions, so
This article provides instroctions about connection
but there is something i dont fully understand

‘objectstore’ => array(
‘class’ => ‘OC\Files\ObjectStore\S3’,
‘arguments’ => array(
‘bucket’ => ‘nextcloud’,
‘autocreate’ => true,
‘secret’ => ‘M5MrXTRjkyMaxXPe2FRXMTfTfbKEnZCu+7uRTVSj’,
‘hostname’ => ‘’,
‘port’ => 1234,
‘use_ssl’ => true,
‘region’ => ‘optional’,
// required for some non amazon s3 implementations

what should i enter in ‘hostname’ and ‘port’?

hey alexandr,

as there are several threads about s3 as primary storage here in the forum and as i dunno anything about your environment, settings and instance, i just am linking to a thread that MAYBE COULD solve your problem… but as i’m no fortuneteller i can’t do anything more than that… or tell you to use the search-function here :wink:

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