Always display all apps instead of an ellipsis? (NC12)

Running Nextcloud 12, in some apps (like Passwords), all apps enabled are displayed across the top of the screen thusly:

But in others (like Notes), it is abridged with an ellipsis:

How can I always get all apps to display across the top (unless, perhaps, the window is too narrow)?

@jan can you help?

How it is in Notes (and elsewhere) is actually the designed behavior, with a maximum of 8 icons.

Maybe passwords is overriding some CSS? cc @brantje of Passman, as that shouldn’t happen. Also cc @juliushaertl for the menu.

@wizzardude you can always install the custom CSS app to theme things to your liking.

Works here as it should and only shows icons to 33% of the width.

In general doing this only with css will not work, since we change the shown icons on resize. But it should be possible with some javascript magic. Something like:

$(window).resize(function() { 

Although this works, it still has some issues, like it won’t work nice on small browser windows/mobile. In case you want to extend this, I would happily accept a pull request to the direct_menu app, so we can make this available for other users.

Hello, i am also interested with this evolution of direct menu app, i have post a new issue on git repository. Sorry i can’t create a pull for this …