Alternative Windows clients experiences?

I have been using Goodsync as Windows clients for years with a Nextcloud commercial service with several Nextcloud accounts. It was one of the recommended clients and I have purchased several licenses for several machines. The Goodsync client offers encryption, so the files end up encrypted on the server. It also offers unidirectional synchronisation which is sometimes useful.

Once a while there were problems for which the company’s support blamed Goodsync and suggested to use the proprietary Nextcloud client. In my experience the Nextcloud client offered so few choices and configuration possibilities and no encryption that I never considered to make the move.

Now with Nextcloud server version 18.x (no 18+ offered on stable update channel) and Goodsync version 10 I am experiencing problems again. When uploading large files the TMP got filled and upload halted. The TMP had to be cleared by the support. This happened on another account again. Also with server version 18 the end-to-end encryption is not yet offered by Nextcloud.

Goodsync has increased prices and changed from lifetime licensing to annual subscription starting with version 11. I am not going to purchase annual subscriptions for all the machines with Goodsync. So this is a good moment to reconsider which client to use.

Is there anybody who has experiences with other Windows clients which offer encryption etc. ? Could you please share them here? Similar problems as I have?

Thanks in advance!