Alternative to webdav

Hello there,

I have the latest nextcloud version on Centos 6.

Since I am having big problems using the webdav protocol, expecially for windows clients, I am wondering if it is possible to use other mounting option in windows.
For instance, is it possible to mount my personal nextcloud folder via SMB on a windows client?

I found nothing on the documentation, so I assume no, but asking just to be sure.

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SMB is working, you need smbclient and libsmbclient-php

And yes webdav and windows is a sad story, looks like the webclient is never touched since WinXP, even the icons looks old and kinda alien in modern win10

Hello jakobssystems and thanks for your answer.

The link you provided is for integrating a samba share into nextcloud, but I am looking for the opposite thing (using the SMB protocol to access netcloud data).

Is there any valid third party webdav client for windows that you can suggest?

I am pretty sure that Microsoft WebClient is the culprit. It seems that this guy doesn’t support SNI and TSL 1.2 and all the other regular security measures. In other forums I read that this peace of s**** (sorry) still using uncrpyted connections and SSLv2!!!

Interestingly @Microsoft the forum admins send requests from Pontius to Pilatus as we used to say in Germany:

Just follow these links and smile (or cry):

Bottomline: Please correct me if I am wrong, but Windows Webclient for WebDAV is broken. It doesn’t connect with modern and secure servers and this should be stated clearly in Nextcloud documentation. To me it seems that only Nextclient Software and certain paid Apps from Windows Store are the only solution for Window users to connect via WebDAV.

IMHO: Better switch to Mac or Linux Desktop…

The Client in Total Commander does the job fine too. Even its not the fastest one.

Thanks for your answer.

Since my nextcloud installation is local (no access from the internet) I could try and relax the SSL configuration in order to make it more compatible.
I’ll try and update any success later.

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So I found a solution that “mostly” works on some windows 10 instances (yeah, some).

  1. to make office open files, I needed to map a network drive (instead of opening a network folder).
  2. to make office NOT ask the password 4 times for every opened file, I had to edit my reverse proxy (nginx) to answer 403 to OPTIONS requests.

This made it work for one windows instance, but not for another one.

Still unsure what is the problem with the other…

EDIT: found the culprit. If I map the network drive with the URL:

office does not open the documents but, if i use:

it works

The second one is right regardless what documentation says. In fact documentation says something like https://host/owncloud/remote.php/dav/files/username what is wrong either.

I’ve written an angry blog about this on my facebook page recently. It’s labeld “Windows fit for Internet?”ürs-internet/1431970356867839

Interestingly older Windows XP and Win2003 Server connects without problems with modern Webservers (Screenshots are in the blog).

But, if you map this drive, and click remember on reboot, does it in fact do this for you?
I’d be interested if you got this to work, but in my experiece, no mapped drive on reboot, it’s still there, but no connection, red x on drive. I use NetDrive or WebDrive, but would love to be able to connect to WedDAV for users i n login script and have it work reliably.

And your NC/OC really is secure?
My newer Win7 and Win10 versions don’t connect (even with Authlevel-Regedit-Settings).

A red X on net-drives doesn’t mean this drive is not available. You need to click on it in order to get reconnected, known Windows bug. And if your settings are not stored properly you still can create batch files with “net share”

I get

Scan failed! The scan for the specified domain failed. Either no Nextcloud or ownCloud can be found there or you tried to scan too many servers.

Not sure if it’s becasue it is version 10.0.2 on NethServer, maybe version 11 is needed.

I can’t even connect with windows using the 2nd method (https://MY-NEXTCLOUD-HOSTNAME/remote.php/dav/files/admin), it asks for user/pass 3 times, then gives me access denied. I can connect using webdrive/netdrive, so I know that is not the issue.
But, if I connect using https://MY-NEXTCLOUD-HOSTNAME/remote.php/webdav/, it connects, then if I try using the other method, and it connects without asking me for a password.

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I am seeing the same thing here. Currently working on trying a different things to get it working again - but so far to no avail.

No it’s not. My instance is hosted in a private network thus I relaxed the SSL restrictions in my reverse proxy

BTW it stopped working in my testing machine. This thing is making me crazy.

There is a setting in WebDrive that will have the drive letter reconnect at login. There are also some command line options that can be used for creating scripts. In the online help, under advanced topics there are topics on automating connections, command line parameters and scripting or batch files. Hope this helps.

this sounds very sad to me :confused:
no useable webdav-client for windows 10 found?

is that not usable for you?


no this is more a workaround. I need to install a plugin in TC and cannot add a drive to windows. For me in person no problem, but i need to enroll this to many clients with no computerskills. Normaly the native client from nextcloud is fine in all cases less locking a file :confused:

Hi whites11

I am a little late to this party, but have you looked at SouthRiverTech WebDrive.

To your question “Is there any valid third party webdav client for windows that you can suggest?”

Awesome WebDav client for Windows, supports multi-user and custom caching options and https connection. Get 10 day free full working trial. Low cost.

Even supports terminals servers.

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I agree with Mark, from my experience, WebDrive ( as well as NetDrive ( work very stable compared to the native Windows WebDAV client. Used it in production projects without problems.

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