Alternative to QOwnNotes note taking app on MacOS?

I’ve been using a combination of the Notebooks app on iOS and Qownnotes on MacOS to sync my Nextcloud notes. The iOS app uses Webdav and QOwnNotes has its own Nextcloud api which I’ve installed. The syncing works fine but I’ve recently run into a lot of limitations with QOwnNotes that makes me want to try a different MacOS app. I’m having a hard time finding any other Mac app that will sync with NextCloud. I would use the web interface but there are occasions when I do need offline access on MacOS and I have not been able to find any other app that offers this feature. Does anyone know of an alternative to QOwnNotes on Mac?

Thanks very much for the suggestion. I tried the iOS and Mac apps. It doesn’t look like the iOS app is capable of syncing with anything but Microsoft Onedrive right now. The Mac desktop app uses Markdown but there is a lot of extraneous code added to the notes. I think the notes generated by the Joplin desktop app are only meant to be accessed by another Joplin app… too bad but it looks promising and I’ll watch it for improvement. When I started a Nextcloud server, I didn’t realize that there are so few self-hosted client apps available on major platforms.

@mousersmb2 The ios App does appear to support many more options now, maybe that was added recently? Don’t know about the Mac Problem though.

Fyi, Joplin dev may release Jex documentation soon and Nextcloud Notes team seems interested in adding deeper integration.

I would recommend Zim Wiki as the best note taking experience. You have to build the mac installer, but all notes are easily readable within Nextcloud as plain text.