Alternative for RaiDrive, rclone etc. "THE" Solution for accessing files on any System?!

There is IT Hit AJAX File Browser which is able to directly open downloaded Office-Documents inside the locally installed software without the need of any additional tools.
there is a client-side software (& browser addon) to make other not directly supported tools like notepad etc. working.

it really feels awesome to just click on a file in the browser and directly edit it!

sadly I don’t have an idea what’s needed to get a similar feature working on nextlcoud.

Looks terrible on a laptop display with FullHD resolution.
It’s a simple file browser where you need an additional package on your device and in your browser.
Seem to be they are using webdav.

Not really impressed and it’s not a alternative for RClone which main purpose is the access to different cloud systems

Yes it’s not a 1:1 replacement for rclone.
Word, Excel, Visio… work without any browser-plugin.
And yes I also think it looks uggly. That’s the reason I would like to add this functionality to Nextcloud, maybe as an App.
Also the functionality with the plugin for different files isn’t to bad I think…
Maybe you or someone else has an idea how this (Word, Excel etc.) works.

I like how fast it is and that for some user they wouldn’t need any additional software but a web-browser. Also they would have the advantage of having all the Nextcloud-features like sharing a file etc. directly without switching Interfaces!

Search the appstore. Collabora or OnlyOffice will fit the bill. There is also the microsoft online office.

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that’s not the same… I would like to use “open documents in client applications” → so I won’t need to synch / scan anything on a client where internet is always available.