Alternative for davx5? android app

Is there any alternative for Android calendar synchronization besides DAVx5, which costs 5e?

Here you go…

…although I think if you can affford the one time payment of 5€, it’s a good way to support the ongoing development of the app.


I thought this was open scource project.

I managed to find a solution.

OpenSync App - Deepen Dhulla, which was available via play store.

With OpenSync I added an account by entering an URL found in Nextcloud bundled calendar apps settings (lower left corner)

Yes it is. But that doesn’t mean that the project isn’t allowed to take money for their product.

OpenSync is a fork of DAVx5 which has not been updated since 2017.

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So? Nextcloud i think is a fork of Owncloud.

The difference is that Nextcloud is still actively maintained, while OpenSync is clearly not. But you can of course use whatever makes you happy. I just wanted to mention this small little detail, so that you, and others who might read this, will be able to make an informed decision.

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See Open source doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for it.

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Thanks to open source, an alternative was found.

Did I miss something?
apart from the fact that 5 euros are still reasonable for such a great and intensively developed project, the DAVx5 from the F-Droid App Store is AFAIK still free as free beer. I just updated to 4.3-OSE, only a donation begging page that you can click away at the beginning.

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No you did not. But OP, for whatever reason, seems to prefer a five-year-old fork that is no longer maintained over the F-Droid version.

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Point is, that Nextcloud android app does not give any alternative for calendar/contact syncing, but redirects user straight to the pay wall.

It would be better if there would be at least the url needed to use some other application and then the suggested software.

And Opensync does exactly what i need. Seems like it does not need mainentenance. It is that good.

I have used it for email calendar syncing for years without problems. In this case I thought that DAVx5, which was forced by the Nextcloud app was the only way to get the syncing happening and did not realize, that it would workby other means.

If that’s was your point all along, you didn’t communicate it very well in your opening post. :wink:

So you already knew the answer to your original question and only asked it in order to complain to the people answering it.

Btw, the F-Droid version ov DAVx5 is free. And once you have installed the app from the F-Droid store, the Nextcloud app will redirect you to it…


You are free to think what ever you want.

I will not continue this anymore.

Well you say you have been using OpenSync for years. So why the question about a free alternative to DAVx5? To which I’ve provided an answer, btw. The answer is you don’t need an alternative because you can get DAVx5 for free from the F-Droid store.

If you your intention was to complain about the Nextcloud app linking to the paid Play Store version, you’re of course free to do so. I would have preferred if you had done so straight away in the opening post. But hey, I guess everyone has their own preferences on how they like to communicate.

But DavX seem to have problems with adresses (if that’s no Android problem in Generell): even if you enter a contacts adress into the specific field for town, street, state and so on all these data gets merced together in one field while syncing. The entries in the original girls still stay there, but they are all copied into the street field.ä and is also synced to nextcloud.
And this does only happen with android device so that a Droid itself or DavX cause this copying. It doesnt happen if an adress is editer that way from iOS, Sailfish OS or Windows.

That’s the Android contacts app you are using, not DAVx5. I’ve been struggling with that too…

DAVx5 really “just” syncs the Android contacts store to a CardDAV endpoint - and does so excellently. :slight_smile:

But them it must be android itself causing that problem as I don’t use the system delivered android app. (And in the end all these apps use the underlying contact star age of the system).)

OP is confused. You might find the response annoying, but bb is correct. Android Play store is not open source, nor free to use… but F-Droid store offers hosting for open source Android apps at no cost to you. You need to educate yourself on how that works. Thankfully, it is easy to understand.

OpenSync is a fork of DAVx5 which has not been updated since 2020. You have been warned. In the words of the dev:

" If you love this app, I would recommed you to support DAVdroid (the orginal app), please consider donating to DAVdroid now DAVx5 or purchasing it."

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