Allow links to be embedded into description

i found my problem in the issue tracker on github.
It looks like to be implemented in forms 3.1 and its closed but i dont get a link in function…

Is it possible to get a link to NC doc working in the description?
If yes: How :slight_smile:


According to the linked issue the support for links has been implemented using Markdown - so did you tried

Hello, this is a [link to Nextcloud](


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I have copied it in a Nextcloud Forms (version 3.2.0) in the description at the beginning of the survey and it works fine for me. Very cool feature. Thank you very much. :coffee:

Hi Stefan,
i am sorry for my newbie questions… i startet using nextcloud just yet :slight_smile:

After your post i installed markdown and checked it… it works.

Great… Thanks…


Which app have you installed? I think Nextcloud Text is a default app and it uses Markdown.

Markdown Editor 2.3.6

I dont try it before installation…


Your Forms app problem has nothing to do with the app Markdown Editor. You can delete the app or not.