All users of an LDAP group should SEE with who folders (external storage) are shared

NC Version = 24.0.1.

Hi There

In our company we run a Nextcloud, which is connected to our Windows AD via LDAP, as well as accessing our file server via External Storage. So far so good, this works great. The Nextcloud is meant to share documents with external partners, this also works fine.

The problem is now:
If a LDAP user (e.g. Jimmy), who is in the “Internal” group, now shares a folder with a user (which was created for a customer), only Jimmy sees that the folder was shared.

Is it possible that the whole “Internal” group sees with whom the folder is shared and not only Jimmy?

I have searched the internet for a really long time but unfortunately have not found an entry for exactly this problem. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!

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