@all translation

Hi, I know it’s a bit far-fetched but is it or would it be possible to translate @all by its equivalent in the users’ language? (@tous for instance in french)

would you mind to give us an example of what you mean?

oh … i think i got it… you mean adressing @all within talk…

i am afraid that could turn out being impossible (without really knowing how it’s handled on the code). b/c it seems to be a given value for “everyone”.

but isn’t it that you can define commands yourself in talk? so why not just trying it?

Yes that’s it @JimmyKater; @all is to mention all the participants.

And I guess you’re talking about this documented feature?

i was, indeed. but i just now took a look at it and it seem to be impossible to do it yourself :frowning:

OK thanks, I would not have done better :laughing:

I did not even find the way to translate /help to its equivalent in french /aide despite what I found in the Alias section:

It is also possible to define an alias for a command. This allows e.g. to get the /help command also with the german word /hilfe .