All Instructions for client on RPI3B Stretch do not work

I have tried a whole bunch of tutorials with different git hub scripts. None have worked so far. Fresh install of latest Stretch Desktop on RPI3B other than all the packages install in the attempts to get this to work.

I have search for my errors and found no answers or people have had had the same errors solved.

What is the most current way to get Nextcloud Client installed?

Can someone help me with the errors I will undoubtedly get when following the directions word for word?

maybe this solution might help you as well…

i was searching the forum for client rpi and already the 2nd entry was the link from above (the first entry was your posting)…

There are 2 methods in that topic. Both fail in different spots with different errors than other people have gotten. I have tried a number of other tutorials similar to the first instructions that fail also at cloning.
I will retry when I have time and update the specific error.

i’m afraid you nedd to provide more info about your setup and environment then

cloning into '/home/pi/client_theming/client" failing

It does this twice at:
git submodule update --init

Then fails due to this error failing twice.

What more info do you need on my setup.
I have a RPI 3B.
Flashed Raspbian Desktop Full 2019-04-08 to 16gig SD Card.
Updated with apt-get to get packages to latest versions.
Enabled SSH.
Followed these instructions.
When these failed, I followed the instructions further down in the topic.
The other one fails with:
error while loading shared libraries:
on ./

i would check ownerships and permissions…

Running both commands with sudo still come up with same error. First thing I tried. Also is in /home/pi so pi user should have rights anyway.

I started fresh again and did everything after a sudo -i. That worked just fine so permission was probably it like JimmyKater said. Anyone having the same issue, do a sudo -i and cd /home/pi before doing any of the script.

New problem though.
It syncs the first time, but any changes made afterward will not sync.

When it asks for a default key, leave it blank or you will have to type in the key everytime it wants to sync.