All file missing when sycncronize

Dear community, i need your help… :sob: :sob:

i was upgrading my nextcloud from 20 to 22, after instalation finish i’m start to synchronize my data to nextcloud but suddenly my laptop dead then when i turn it on again my file is goneee…can someone help me … where is my data :sob: :sob:

thanks before

Anything in the trashbin of Nextcloud?

And if you can find any hints, if the client software initialized the deletion (should be in your webserver logs) or via web-interface.

nothing in the trashbin, both on my laptop and nextcloud nothing either.

Was it too much data for the trashbin? Were all data already sychronized?

If you have the data sychronized to a different machine, perhaps check it out there but don’t run the client, so if the files are there, the client can’t delete them.