All ExApps are up-to-date. Default Deploy daemon is not accessible

V 28.0.1 on debian VM
Tried to install A.I. functions.
now I have this:
All ExApps are up-to-date. Default Deploy daemon is not accessible
and this is gryed out:

How to Fix ?

Are you developing apps?

Otherwise you do not need ExApps.

You need to properly configure the AppAPI

Once you make it so that the Default Deploy Daemon is accessible then you will see that the ExApps are no longer greyed out.

When you find the proper settings to get it working please report back here. I have gotten as far as Nextcloud pulling and creating the containers and volumes in docker when hitting the “Deploy and Enable” button but there is something wrong with my config where Nextcloud does not recognize that it is running and communicate with the running container?

I had a similar issue, with the same environment.

Here is the NC reference that gave me clues to a path forward → [Deployment configurations — AppAPI latest documentation]

1 - Install Docker Engine on your Debian VM, alongside NC. Here’s one Docker reference if needed → Install Docker Engine on Debian

2 - Once Docker is installed, change permissions on /var/run/docker.sock so www-data user can use it (by default it was 660). Build a Deploy Daemon using the local socket connection in AppAPI Admin and after verifying the Daemon connection, the Daemon should go green.

3 - Now ExApps doesn’t complain about a missing Daemon and I am able to search ExApps for “Context Chat Backend”. Attempting to “Deploy and Enable”, gives this result:

While NC is “deploying and enabling” the app, the docker image is pulled and the container starts, but the container stops soon after the “Failed to deploy ExApp” message is displayed:

For now I have disabled the Context Chat app until I can get the Backend figured out. Here’s a reference in Github that might be helpful.
Github Context Chat Backend

Also note that AppAPI was updated to 2.0.0 earlier and just took an update to 2.0.1.

Update: Similar issues reported on github.