All containers are showing green but connexion impossible to server

Hi team,

I’m not sure when it started exactly but I can’t access nextcloud anymore. I’m using AIO VM Image ( v7.12.1). The installation has been done several months ago and it was working “fine”. I’m using double quotes because I was trying to optimize Memories that is running very slow at previewing and doing face recognition. Anyway, I’m not sure what I have done but now all containers show green in AIO main page, but when I try to access to my nextcloud instance I have a failed connexion.

I’ve tried
curl -vvv my-server.tld; but it’s like it’s connection to port 80 so it does not work
curl -vvv https://my-server.tld, it’s trying to connect to port 443 so it does not work
curl -vvv https://my-server.tld:8443 seems to work.

I’m a complete newbie, I’m not sure I understand everything I do so I may have broken something.

Let me know the logs you need (and how to access them), please :slight_smile:

Thank you

:man_facepalming: Nevermind, after 3 days pulling my hairs off… I restarted my router and it’s working again… Let me die alone now :stuck_out_tongue:

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