Alive.php error "netxcloud"

Nextcloud Version: 29.0.0
OS (Ubuntu-Server 22.04.4 LTS)
Apache Version: 2.4.52
PHP Version: 8.1.2

I have a problem with this file when I want to update nextcloud via web:

file alive.php:


define('CURSCRIPT', 'alive');
define('IN_GAME', true);
defined('GAME_ROOT') || define('GAME_ROOT', dirname(__FILE__).'/');
require GAME_ROOT.'./include/global.func.php';
$url = url_dir().'command.php';
$context = array('page'=>'command_alive');
foreach($_POST as $pkey => $pval){
        $context[$pkey] = $pval;
$cookies = array();
foreach($_COOKIE as $ckey => $cval){
        if(strpos($ckey,'user')!==false || strpos($ckey,'pass')!==false) $cookies[$ckey] = $cval;
$aliveinfo = curl_post($url, $context, $cookies);
echo $aliveinfo;

/* End of file alive.php */
/* Location: /alive.php */

hi @fireword59 welcome to the forum :handshake:

the problem is clear - there is a file which doesn’t belong to the installation. at first glance it seems to be this file dts/alive.php at master · sillycross/dts · GitHub maybe you tried to add another application and mixed the installations somehow.

If you don’t know the reason why the file is there I would remove it… it could even mean somebody added this file to the server - check the file and additional resources e.g. include/global.func.php - if you didn’t add this files consider bad actors and malware.


oh friend thanks, it must have been when I was testing some configurations, I don’t know where I got that file from, thanks.

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