Album grid sort

Hello there,
First off all. Nice app. Does what it says on the tin.
The problem with long load times for large collections and a request for pagination in the grid view has been stated before and I hope it will get addressed, as loading 3k albums takes quite a while.
There is only one question I can’t seem to Google an answer for.
If I load the app, the grid shows my albums sorted by title, rather then by artist or album artist. This muddles the view up a bit.
Can I influence the way the grid is sorted?
If not, can I disable the grid view and default to a Album Artist view?
I don’t mind editing code if I know where to look and what to look for.
Debian Stretch (9)

Hallo @hanspu,

thank you for the feedback.
yes, pagination is a todo but my time is a little limited at the moment. The covers are not transferred as raw data anymore but with separate url image requests. so the performance for them to show up depends on the speed of your webserver to serve the requests in parallel.
If you are using http/2, they are loaded in parallel and it will bring a significant boost. Then the browser should take care that the images visible are loaded first.

could you double check in the dev-console of the browser, that the ajax request for getCategoryItems is not taking that long?

the sorting of the “Albums” is of course sorted by the album view

do you mean like filtering this category from the dropdown in the navigation bar and then always starting with that?
if you navigate there, it will be stored in your user settings (same as navbar open/closed state) and will be remembered for the next startup. but this is then not graphical - just the (faster) list views.

does this help?

Thank you for your extensive reply.
Even with HTML2 enabled in my Apache server, loading approx 3500 album images takes quite a long time. So pagination would indeed be appreciated.
I have figured out how to make the app remember my last view but that only works if I have actually played a track. The next time I navigate to the app, it shows my last view, so that’s okay.
In the end however, the app is not for me.
When I scan my library into the database, it takes about 2 seconds per track per user, which amounts to almost a week of continuous scanning and whenever I chance anything in my library I have to re-scan everything for all users. Also my db grows to above one GB in size, because everything is in there 6 times (as i have 6 users).
So for now i have reverted to implementing Ampache via external sites. I’m not all together happy about that either but probably I am just spoiled. My main set up is an NAS with mpd and several mpd clients in my house. Mpd generates a complete db within 30 minutes which is only 1.6 Mb in size.
But again, your app does what it says it does and does it well.
And if i want something different, I should probably learn to code it my self.
Thank you for taking the time and keep up the good work.

I assume that you have your music library on an external storage and connected with e.g. SMB to this?
this is a known issue in NC that the file access would be very slow there as partial streaming of a file is not supported there.
There is a hint by using a better smb-library here

AP needs to read the ID3 data from the file. so without the enhanced library, the file is always transferred completely by NC. with the fix, only the first x bytes.

and regarding the 6-times: yes. because everything is currently user dependent. Every user can have his own titles. there is now way of reusing it (yet)