AJAX + Daily Webcron


I am running NextCloud 11.0.2 on a shared hosting service where I cannot access crontab. Therefore I decided to go with the AJAX cron setting.

However, as I am mostly using the iOS and the Windows sync clients, AJAX cron jobs rarely get triggered. As I am the only user of the cloud installation, this shouldn’t be a problem for most cleanup jobs. But I would prefer to run admin notification jobs at least once a day.

I found a way to trigger a certain URL exactly once a day. With this, would it be a feasible way to have this URL trigger a script on the server which calls cron.php let’s say 25 times in a row?

Wouldn’t this be sufficient to ensure that all NextCloud cron jobs are run at least once a day?

The webcron does this job and is described here:

The job does background jobs, if you run webcron and do not execute it often enough you could risk to run into php timeouts. But how much is exactly done and required is hard to define in general. As the only user and not using it extensively, running it once a day can be sufficient.

Easycron.com is easy-to-use webcron service that provides a free plan which allows setting cronjob with “20 minutes” minimum interval.

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