AIO vs VM (hanssonit)


I was wondering.
How do these compare?

The list of features of the AIO version. Are they also present in the VM from hanssonit?

cc @enoch85 ?

Oh, that’s a long story! I’ll try to make it short.

We started out with the VM back in 2014, then it was made for ownCloud. In 2016 Nextcloud was founded and I got asked to provide the VM for Nextcloud. So I did.

A few years passed and @szaimen came along to maintain it together with me, we made much progress and the state that the VM is today is much from our co-op.

Then a couple of years more passed and Nextcloud wanted their “own” way (since Hansson IT was my company) of installing Nextcloud in an easy manner, so AIO came to life. @szaimen was employed by Nextcloud and started the AIO docker, since I just sold my business to @SmallOne (Hansson IT) and signed an agreement not allowing me to work for Nextcloud in that way.

So the differences? Well, both the VM and AIO aim for the same thing, and there’s a lot of similar code since @szaimen helped me maintain the VM for some years. Of course I tend to like the VM more since it’s “my baby”, but I must say that the AIO docker image turned out to be super nice and contain a lot of features - same as the VM. I see the Nextcloud VM as the original and the AIO as something that was founded to let Nextcloud have their own thing.

The main difference I’d say is that AIO is Docker, and the VM is a VM (Virtual Machine / Appliance). So it’s a matter of taste I guess. Do you like dockers more than running a full virtual machine(?)


Wow, thanks the full timeline of things. Really good to know!

In my particular case, I guess what I’m mainly wondering is: am I missing out on anything if i go with the VM route?

Main reason being: there is currently no way to get paid commercial support for an AIO install. While there is for the VM of course.

Well, there you have it. :slight_smile: AIO is more community oriented while Hansson IT is more SME (Small/Medium Enterprise), and Nextcloud is pure Enterprise (which Hansson IT can arrange for you as well).

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as an active user of VM script and with some experience of when to use VM or Docker

I can say in addition that it also depend on you infrastructure.u

Nc AIO (docker) on a Virtual machine (installed on a physical server) may not powerful
Nc VM offer is just like any other virtual machine you install on a physical server to run application on it (can me more faster)