AIO stuck on 28.0.0?

Admin Overview says:


A new version is available: Nextcloud 28.0.3
1 app has no compatible version for this Nextcloud version available.

Apps missing compatible version

AIO Interface says Nextcloud AIO v7.13.0
Both stable and beta channels do not update to the current 28.0.3.

I have an issue that’s apparently fixed in 28.0.2 (“Recent” files and folders always return “No files in here” when clicked), so I’d like to have that installed.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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please follow the update procedure:

I did, in the AIO interface. No updates. NC stuck on 28.0.0.

Hi, you can either upgrade to 28.0.3 manually by following How to update to Nextcloud 28 now? · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #2692 · GitHub or wait until 28.0.3 is available in AIO for everyone. This is currently being worked on

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Ah, so 28.0.3 is actually not available! It’s sort of hard to figure out without scouring github… Thanks!