AIO reverse proxy error - trouble with Nginx

I’m trying to install Nextcloud AIO on an Ubuntu VPS but I’m getting a domain incompatibility error.

I’d like to use Cloudpanel as my server manager (for nginx and firewall, instead of Nginx Reverse Proxy manager for ex) but there are no instructions on this particular tool in the NX AIO reverse proxy github page, so I’m trying to work it out by myself.

could I please ask for your help identifying where I possibly went wrong in the configuration?

my steps:

  1. I started with a fresh server. installed Cloudpanel, docker, docker compose.
  2. I set up the reverse proxy config on Cloudpanel; there’s the subdomain it should point to in the end and the newly assigned Apache port before the server IP

    (I thought the Reverse proxy should point to the Apache port, might be wrong?)
  3. then I created an SSL certificate for this domain using Cloudpanel and filled in an Nginx config following this article (step 2).

    I only had to change the SSL certificate for the one Cloudpanel generated and it was accepted by Cloudpanel.
  4. then I created a docker compose file, used the template from NX reverse proxy github. I assigned a new Apache port and used the same one from the article linked above and had to change the 8080 port to 7080 because quite annoyingly, Cloudpanel and Nextcloud are using the EXACT same ports - both need 80, 443, 8080…
    I also changed the data directory and put it inside the Cloudpanel proxy site folder, where I would benefit from the automatic backups of cloudpanel.
  5. I opened the 7080 port in the firewall.

    then, following step 3 in the article. I opened a temporary port to NX AIO to complete the installation using ssh -L 8080: root:<my-server-ip>
    I launched the installation and it worked up until the point I had to set my domain. which was not accepted.

error log:

NOTICE: PHP message: The response of the connection attempt to "" was:
NOTICE: PHP message: Expected was: 5ac74fad0a583534279f2c250b5a75607ab4db505b32ce35
NOTICE: PHP message: The error message was: OpenSSL/3.1.4: error:0A000458:SSL routines::tlsv1 unrecognized name
NOTICE: PHP message: Please follow in order to debug things!

I know it’s a long and perhaps unusual process, I’d appreciate your advice!
thanks :slight_smile:

Did you ever find a resolution to this?

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yes. I had to work out how to use Cloudpanel properly as there aren’t any tutorials on using Cloudpanel as a reverse proxy for NC. once I got the hang of it it works as any other proxy manager app. so it’s pretty simple and straightforward.

I’ve recorded my steps in writing and offered it to the Cloudpanel community to add it to the docs but they ignored my message…