AIO install - command line parameters reference


I’m looking for a command line parameters reference for the AIO installation with docker.

I know these pages:

Where can I find a complete reference with all parameters?

How can I specify the path to the default user files (skeleton directory)?

How can I specify which functions/containers/apps I do not want install? Eg. do not install redis and push by default? Or which apps shall be installed, or not installed by default (like contacts, calendar, etc)?

I assume there should be some --env parameters for that?

Where’re the docs for this please?
Thank you.

this URL contains the docs. I’m not aware of “command line arguments” this product AFAIK is not intended to be fully automated as it address primarily hobby admins who don’t need full automation… maybe the most automated way is all-in-one/nextcloud-aio-helm-chart at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

Thank you for answering.

I was refering to the e.g. “–env” params. I thought having read somewhere how packages (apps or containers) can be skipped during setup, but can’t seem to find that anymore. I don’t remember if it really was ment for the AIO, or the normal NC install tho. I assume the latter…

I’m sorry nobody can and is willing to answer the question “I don’t remember where and what I read about a cool feature and I don’t care to provide a reference”…

Nextcloud is really versatile and customization options differ between installation kinds and you have to ask precise question to get reasonable answers!

I’ve found how to do this, with the following command:

docker exec --user www-data nextcloud-aio-nextcloud php occ config:system:set skeletondirectory --value="/path/here/"

Has to be done after the setup, when the NC container is available. Means, every new user will get that skeleton directory from now on, existing don’t (admin).

I really should save any links while doing research, safe is safe, ways safer than my ol’ brain :wink: If I get to find it, I’ll post it here for sure.

Oh yes it is, big thank you to everyone, very much appreciated.
Sorry not being precise enough, I’m quite new to NC, any follow up questions are welcome of course to elaborate.