AIO Collabora public URL for external access

Hi, my name is Mat.
I have installed the AIO latest via docker in my linux VM (ubuntu 22.04) .
I have configured an Nginx reverse proxy to the localhost:11000 port and I can access the instance from the Web via my subdomain:
I have enable the Collabora container and I can edit files inside Nextcloud.

Now I want to integrate this Collabora instance with Mattermost via the Collabora Plugin (Collabora Mattermost Plugin - Collabora Office and Collabora Online)
The plugin configuration requires the Collabora Online server address.

Is that accesible in the AIO installation? Is there a public address expose for the Collabora Server in order to use the WOPI protocol?

Thank you very much in advance

hi @arlekin welcome to the forum :handshake:

I’m not sure if there are additional security measures to prevent external access in AiO but you can try to use this URLs…

in general if you plan to use CODE from multiple system I would recommend using generic CODE container as it is is easier to setup and troubleshoot IMHO.

I think in general should the code container included in AIO also be able to be used on other contexts. Mainly the wopi-allowlist might prevent access but you can adjust this in the settings. The collabora domain do be used is simply

I ended firing up a CODE container as suggested per @wwe .

I did try adding in the wopi-allowlist to test but it was not working neither. Maybe using the exact domain might be a solution.

it should have been

Yes! Sorry about that, but I’m pretty sure I tried both of them with the same result. If I have the time, I will load another container with the AIO CODE and try again.
Thank you