Aggregation of multiple calendars into one


Is it possible to aggregate multiple calendars into a single one? For instance say I have one calendar for conferences and another for release schedule. I would like to keep them separate but also have another calendar which combines the two. So that people who are interested in just conferences can conveniently subscribe to the calendar that does not include the release schedule. And so that people who are interested in both the conferences and the release schedule can subscribe to a single calendar instead of two.

Thanks for the help!

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you can do this, see the docs:

Multiple calendars can be shared together by adding their unique tokens to the end of an embed link. Individual tokens can be found at the end of each calendar’s public link. The full address will look like<token1>-<token2>-<token3>

apologies, this seems not to work for feed links.
i’ve now opened a request for this.