Agenda time zone - framagenda

Dear forum,

I am in Paris (GMT+1)
I am experiencing some issue with Framagenda :

  • importing an ical calendar from a google account results in a 1 hour shift in the framagenda website for all events
  • creating an event in the framagenda account in another application (android or thunderbird) also always gives a 1 hour shift in the framagenda website although the time zone is set to Paris (see attached screenshot with the event “test1”)
    Android agenda application and Thunderbird are set in the Paris time zone.

How to change the time zone for the framagenda calendar?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Thanks for your help.

Nextcloud version : Framagenda 12.0.2


why not asking framasoft about this?
i mean it doesn’t have to be a problem of nextcloud, neccessarily. i do run one software which indeed has a smilar problem though all others are doing great in terms of timezones (and +DST or -DST)