After updating to 23.0.3 I'm loosing rapidly disk space

After updating to 23.0.3 I’m loosing rapidly disk space
I have put this strange behaviour in the german forum already and got some help (thank you devnul) but my need for help gets overwhelming.

The Diskspace on

Mount: /
Dateisystem: ext4
Größe: 7.00 GB
Verfügbar: 54.00 MB
Verwendet: 100%

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 12-26-03 Einstellungen - Bens-Nextcloud

The Diskspace on mmcblk0p2 gets continually reduced. Approximatively 1-2 MB/hrs.

By now i have all backups and larger logfiles deleted.
I have cloned my eMMC at a time with apprx. 90 MB available space giving me very little time to really work with my NC
The system is busy only with itself, no outside traffic.
What could possibly be the reason for this fairly fast usage of mrmory?
How could i possibly detect and stop the process using all this space?
Nobody else ever noticed this behaviour after updating?

By the way - there never came any warning/message about dangerously low space.

While writing this, memory on my mmcblk0p2 disk lost 12 MB, so within the next 2 hours the life of my beloved Nextcloud will cease to exist in its 23.0.3 apparition. It’s a shame

Please, please help


The tips you got in the other topic are still valid:

Your database is on the main drive as well?

With dpkg --get-selections, you get a list of all packages installed on your device, perhaps there are things that you don’t need. It’s not obvious but with just 7 GB, you need to keep everything clean and tidy. Better is to start with a minimalist system and just install what you need.

But storage is not that expensive any more, I’d have chosen something larger…

Thank you very much indeed.
My beloved Nextcloud is dead. At least the 23.0.2 Version.
Och course you are right, ny system lived on a tiny footstep but it served me very well. Since there was an update available ( on the stable channel) I decided its now or never. Especially with the offered advantages. But to no avail.
I’m trying now to go back to 22. 2.5 (which is not so easy - but it served well.
IS the sole reason for this mishap that my system is not yet running on ubuntu 20.04 LTS and not using PHP 8. ?
Then a single warning would certainly have helped.
Is there a guide in the open detailing the procedure? There is one from C. Rieger detailing the updating to PHP 8. But i have not found one for the endeaver to update to ubuntu 20.04.
Or is it altogether better to start from scratch? What hardware to choose? (in the moment I use odroid c2)
Well, I’m VERY frustrated and a bit disappointed
But thank you again
One final question: is there a way for a cloned 8 GB Memory card on 16 GB to mimick 16 GB?
I only succeed to have a working 16GB eMMC but with only 8 GB as usable system (as shown in Nextcloud:
Thank you