After updated to v25.0.0 - now can't update apps "Confirm" button inactive

Anyone else seeing this? Is there a new permission or something I need to adjust? Long time ownCloud then Nextcloud user but haven’t seen this one before. v25.0.0 is great, but this is a blocker clearly. Maybe a X.0.0 bug?

I have the same bug. Tried to get around it by enabling the button using the browser’s live HTML editor, which does kind of work, but that’s of course a terrible solution.

I kinda wish i didn’t update but 24.0.6 was so buggy…

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Whew - glad it’s not just me. Thanks for posting.

Will get fixed in 25.0.1. [Bug]: Unable to send password, when managing apps · Issue #34684 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Workaround: Log out and log back in and upgrade the apps immediately after that. Then no password prompt should appear.


You have to ask yourself why the password exists at all in this place. Either it is useless or that it is not needed in your case is a security gap. :wink: Maybe someone like to write another issue. :wink:

I can understand that the system asks for a new password after some time. But this is not really useful. a good administrator will lock his computer, right? In addition, the session cookies used should be sufficient, right?

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In an ideal world this certainly would be the case :wink:

However this doesn’t bother me too much. I use a separate admin account anyways, and I rarely see this password prompt, because when I have something to do as admin it usually takes only a few minutes. For admins of larger instances, it may be annoying. But if you are using a password manager, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal either.

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btw… just pressing ENTER does work too, so no need to log off and log back in. Seems almost like a non-issue too me now :wink:


I agree. It is not a critical bug, but it is annoying, and using a password manager and pressing enter, does not work for me. Only when I enters the password by hand, does using ENTER work. I do not know if it is lacking focus or something. In that light it could a critical bug for some?

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Well in that case you would have to log off and log back in again. Or maybe copy & paste from the password manager will work…? Either way, I agree that this can get pretty annoying. But at least we now that the issue will be fixed with the next minor release. :slight_smile:

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Confirmed workaround this morning.

  1. Go to Apps, start update
  2. When prompted, enter password (or auto-fill from password manager)
  3. Click into password field (if auto-filled)
  4. Press ‘Enter’

And it works. Annoying, but there is a way through. Thanks folks!

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Same issue, anyone has issued this bug’s GitHub.

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I’ll do it. The click into the field and has been fine, but yes, needs to be dealt with. Agree.