After update, users and data gone?

I am not a 100% sure when or why it happened, but i think after i update to version 23-ish. I have done earlier updates before without any issues. No idea what happened this time… (i always use the web updater)

My problem is my Nextcloud custom start page is default en my user accounts are gone… i am able to login in with admin account, but like i said it is all empty.

That all doesn’t just vanish right? Is there some sort of connection gone?

I am running NC on Debian, PHP 7.4.

Please post more details and perhaps a screenshot. Normally the data is not deleted. You can search almost the data in the the nextcloud data directory.

I will try to do that, but you don’t understand what i mean?

I had a custom logo and text on the nextcloud login page. This is all back to default. I cannot login with any of my users anymore.

And you are probably right, under the hood the data is probably still there. But like i said on the front it doesn’t seem to be connected or something like that.

Maybe the nextcloud is looking ar the wrong directory? Is that possible?

I think we need more details. “… all back to default” sound like a new installation instead of an upgrade. Can you post details? You can anonymize them. Also you can send me a PN.

I am willing to send you all the details or screenshots you want :slight_smile: if you could just tell me a little what you would like to see :slight_smile: I am more windows than linux :slight_smile:

I have looked in /mnt/nextclouddata and i am seeing the folders of my users. I am nou trying to look if the users still exist in the db. Because i cannot login anymore with any of them.

That is good. Perhaps there also all data. Do you have a backup of the data?

Perhaps only the setting for datadirectory is wrong in config/config.php.
documentation config.php

Also read backup and restore.

I have got a backup of the virtual machine, but i have already restored this to a different location and for some reason it is having the same problem.

I am looking at config.php now:
It is showing the correct:

  • trusted domains (
  • correct datadirectory (/mnt/nextclouddata)
  • correct IP address

I am not sure what do or check next. Do you know the OCC command to show all users? Backup like i said, the data seems to be there but i cannot login anymore.

User commands: occ command user

sudo -u www-data php occ user:list

Can you post some Nextcloud logs?

You can reset user password:

sudo -u www-data php occ user:resetpassword username
(use your username for username)

sudo -u www-data php occ user:list this is showing me all the users

Yes i reset the admin password with the reset command before, that seems to be the only still working account.

I noticed that the ESX server is showing errors on this virtual machine. Maybe that is the problem. I will be back :slight_smile:

Yes. But we can only help you if you post more details e.g. logs.

Sorry guys, the problem (i am not sure how) was not Nextcloud but my ESX server storage.

I do have another question about upgrading to PHP 8 from 7.4.26. But i will create a new topic for that question, to keep the forum clean :slight_smile:

Again i apologize for taking up your time for a non Nextcloud issue.