After update to NC 25.0.01 Group folders the advanced permissions are no more accessible

I have organised my cloud by group folders with advanced permissions. After updating to NC25.0.1 and group folders version 13.0.0, it isn’t any more possible to show and edit the advanced permissions.

I tried to install a new group folder with advanced permissions, but the advanced permissions are not shown in the sidebar.

Anyone can help? Or is this a known issue?


I have the same issue. “Group Folders” application is working but the advanced permissions tab is not visible.

  • Nextcloud 25.0.1
  • Group Folders 13.0.0
  • Ubuntu 20.04 Linux 5.4.0-131-generic x86_64
  • PHP 8.0.24
  • MariadB 10.5.17

Comments and support are appreciated.

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Here is the same problem…
Group-Folders: 13.0.0
PHP: 8.1.1
mysql: 10.5.12

Mit Update auf 13.1.0 ist bei mir das Problem gelöst.