After update crash, lost "collectives nodes ?" or structure

Hello everyone

Like many (when I read the forum) I had an update that caused problems, I had to reinstall nexcloud and try to recover my data (database / data folder).

And as I had only been using Nextcloud for a few months I had mainly used Collectives and Deck to write projects.
I found the link between the 2 really interesting.

But still; I wonder why our texts, or the structure with Collectives isn’t stored in the database that we save? Or maybe I didn’t quite understand.

I’ve restored my database, but Collectives has several breaks in the tree structures I’ve created (main page, subpage1, subpage2…).

The titles appear as well as the links to Deck for example, but either it displays “page not found” or it loads indefinitely without displaying anything, and even if I try to delete the “pages” with the “…” on the right, I get an “impossible…” error.

So I think it’s a very dangerous application, because you spend a lot of time organising and writing, but there really should even be an automatic backup of texts and structures in the database in the background.

If the developers could think of something like that, too much time would be wasted and ideas would disappear.

Thank you all very much.