After Update "Contacts" app blank / white page


I apologize for not making a full bug report.

I encounter a blank contacts page after the upgrade from 22.2.0 to 22.2.1.
Does anybody else experience similar behavouir?



Yes, me.

I realized my COntacts app is on 4.0.4 and there is a version 4.0.6 available which seems to adress the issue. But my instance does not pull it from the App Store for update.

Which version of Contacts are you on?


Have you tried disabling and removing the contacts app and then re-installing?

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Hi @smartysmart34 ,

I am on 4.0.4 too and yes my instance does not pull the new version either.
Thanks for the hint.

Hi @kchan101 ,

Removing an app might have a very unpleasent impact on the data it is currently storing.
so i would not try that out.

Nothing was removed from the database when I tried so should be safe.

Of course, you have a backup just in case… :wink:

Could be a temporary solution.

I think the main problem is in the app store and apps.

I tried the update on a secondary nextcloud so I wont update the productive one. I will wait until the app store problem is solved, since I am not alone with this problem.

Thanks for the suggestion and that the data wont get deleted by removing the app.

I ran into the same issue.
checked my backup and removed the contacts app via webinterface and re-installed it right along.

now “updated” to 4.0.6 from stuck in 4.0.4

Webinterface works again.
No Data loss noticed.

Phew! :slight_smile:

Hi @eweinhold ,

thanks for the response.
Luckily it updated itselfe when I updated Nextcloud from 22.2.2 to 22.2.3 so I never found out :wink: