After snap update to 25.0.4snap1 - geoblocked without geoblocker

I have a nextcloud snap installation on Ubuntu 22.04; Apache ?; PHP 8.1.16
I had previously used geoblocker , then deactivated it.
No problems with geoblocker up until version 25.0.3. After automatic snap upgrade to 25.0.4, I get the message "geoblocker blocked access from country “AA” (or similar - cannot see the message anymore now).

I reverted to snap version 25.0.3, so the cloud is up and running again. But it would be great to be on a current version again after that is fixed.

Thanks a lot



To draw quick attention of the snap team, it would be helpful for you to directly ping them at github → Issues · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap (

Open up an issue there and do include steps taken to help them reproduce the issue.