After restarting Nextcloud,login issues with users

Hi there,

After Nextcloud server was restarted,was online again some users have problem regarding authentication.

Even thought their password is okay,they get the message of a wrong password.

I tried with my account and it is the same.The message that is displayed is like below:

Warning core Login Failed

Warning user_ldap configuration error (prefix S01): either no password is given for the user agent or a password is given but not an LDAP agent

Error webdev Sabre/DAV/Exception/ Locked at 3rd party /sabre/dav/lib/Locks/Plugin

php line 504


Do you know this error is related to something and how can I fix it?


Hi @Jalasas, it seems to be an issue between nextcloud and your LDAP configuration.
I’m not using LDAP so if someone has a better solution instead of mine:

I suggest you check if all is started correctly and the connection is ok.